Construction industry up to military vehicles will have soiled during the process. This can be problem since it will make the vehicles look dirty and bad. The more serious problems appear when it is time for repair and maintenance. The soils and other kinds of dirt can be quite tick and these are hard to clean. When the soils are still in there, maintenance and repair can be more difficult. That is why it is necessary to have demucking process. This is the process of removing the soils and other kinds of mucks from the vehicles. Soils, and sludge, and other materials will be cleaned during the process, so later it is easier to have proper maintenance and repair.

Effective Demucking Machine

Removing the soils and other kinds of mucks will be quite hard. The difficulty will depend on the type of vehicles and the sites where the vehicles run. When it is truck, it will be much easier compared to the military vehicles. Even so, these all are difficult job for manual process. It needs good washing and cleaning machines. Fortunately, there is Mobydick that can provide necessary demucking machines. What is special about the machines from the manufacturer is that there are many kinds of models and choices. Industry can choose the most suitable machines. Moreover, it is possible to have specific model or design. Since each client may have different needs, Mobydick adapts to costumers. With this, it will be more convenient to get suitable sizes and model for the demucking machine.

Washing System of Demucking Machine

As customer, industry can specify the details of machine. The dimension, shape, and other else can be customized. In this case, Mobydick also has its own washing system that will be more effective. Later, it can be arranged and designed depending on the type of vehicles that need the demucking or cleaning process. When it is truck and tank, of course both of them need different treatment due to different parts. In this case, the nozzles will be different in term of design since power output will be customized to clean the necessary area properly. What is good is that the power consumption can be minimized since the pressure and water volume are calculated properly. Even, it is possible to have water filtering and recycling process. All of these mechanisms are provided so demucking process can run well without taking much cost for the procedure.